DC 7,100-E Electric Portable Dust Collector

Manufacturer:  SAFE Systems, Inc.

This compact, portable dust collector has extendable legs that raise the unit to accommodate a 55 gallon drum or other collection device under the dust hopper and then adjust to allow low profile shipping. A direct driven 25 HP motor powers the 7100cfm exhaust fan. Control of the airflow through the dust collector is managed by an inlet damper. A large, container-style door makes filter access easy.

Versatility is built into this SAFE Systems machine. With one (1) 18” duct inlet on each side of the machine, the contractor can work from either side of this skid-mounted unit. Fork lift pockets and certified crane lifting eyes allow the contractor to easily place it in the most advantageous location.

Nine (9) cartridge-type filters collect the dust particles. An electronically controlled, reverse pulse jet of compressed air systematically cleans the filters, one row of three (3) filters at a time, to dislodge the dust particles which then fall into the hopper below. The dust hopper is equipped with a slide gate for quick dumping of the dust.

A NEMA 4 dust and water tight control box, protects the electrical controls from contaminants and moisture. The unit comes with 25’ of the properly sized SO cord to assist in electrical connection at the job site. Access to the filters and dust hopper, when necessary, is through one large, easy to open and close “Container Style” door.

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