DC 12,500-D, Diesel Portable Dust Collector

Manufacturer:  SAFE Systems, Inc.
A compact and versatile dust collector, the SAFE Systems DC12,500D is powered by a belt-driven 50HP diesel engine and carries 45 gallons of fuel onboard.

The fan and dust collector are rated at 12,500 cfm @ 20” WC. The fan is equipped with an inlet damper for regulating the airflow.

The trailer-mounted 12,500 cfm dust collector is “highway legal” with pintle hitch, dual 7,000# axles, electric brakes and the required lights. It has lifting eyes for handling by crane, and can be loaded on a double-drop semi-trailer if needed. A large, container-style door makes filter access easy.

The unit has two (2) 18” diameter dust inlets on each of two sides to give the user greater versatility.  Only two inlets are to be used at a time.  An auger system makes it easy to remove the dust from the hopper into a standard 55 gallon drum.

The dust collector utilizes sixteen (16) filter cartridges which are cleaned by an automatic pulsing system.  30cfm of compressed air is required for the pulsing system.

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