Vacuum Dust Collector   -   VDC-4

Manufacturer:  SAFE Systems, Inc.

Width                           5-3 (Working position)
                        5-3 (Working position)
                        11-8 (Working position)
                         1,350 lbs. (Completely empty)


            Vessel is rated for 30 HG (vacuum).  Not rated for pressure.    

            6 abrasive dump valve (butterfly) on bottom of vessel.

            4 Suction inlet connection to (customer supplied) the vacuum producer.

            4 Dust recovery hose inlet connection to the (customer supplied) abrasive collection device.

            Structural steel stand (legs) allows forklift access to drum and skid under dump valve.

            Certified, gross weight lifting eyes for handling with overhead crane.

            Forklift pockets for handling when in the working position.

            Dump valve height will allow dumping into 55-gallon drum with cover and skid or super sack (supplied by customer)

            Automatic reverse pulse cleaning system for filters.

            air piping for pulse cleaning system.

            Air requirements for pulse cleaning system, 30 CFM @ 90 to 100 PSIG.

            120 volt AC control box.

            Four (4) cartridge filters, part # 1000 1245.

            Differential pressure gauge to monitor filter condition.


            1.    Not intended to be laid on its side with dust or with filters installed.

            2.   Vacuum hose and hose to connect vacuum producer to the VDC-4 tank are not supplied.


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