Blastrac 15D Deck Blaster With 15D Dust Collector

Deck Blaster
Length                                    6-7
Width                                     23
Height                                    42
Weight                                   805 lbs.
Horsepower                            15

Dust Collector

Length                                    56
Width                                     32
Height                                     63
Weight                                    850 lbs.
Horsepower                             5


Dust Collector and Deck blaster (total)
                230Volt                 3 Phase               55 Amps (connected full load)
                460 volt                3 Phase                 28 Amps (connected full load)
Deck Blaster (only)
                230 Volt               3 phase                  40 Amps
                460 volt                3 Phase                 20 Amps
Dust Collector (only)
                230 volt                3 phase                  14.4 Amps
                460 volt                3 Phase                 7.2 Amps

            Skid mounted with wheels.
            Lifting eyes for handling by overhead crane.
            Fan and dust collector rated for 500 CFM.
            Automatic reverse pulse cleaning system for filters.
            Air compressor on board for pulse cleaning system.
            Fan is belt driven by a 15 HP, 460-volt, 3-phase electric motor.
            230 or 460 volt AC control box.
            Six (6) cartridge filters.
            Slide drawer on dust collector for dust discharge.
            25 of properly sized SO cord for electrical hook-up.

1.        Not intended to be shipped with any dust in dust collector.
2.        Recommend emptying dust every 2 to 4 hours depending on collection rate.
3.        It is recommended that a qualified electrician connect this equipment to power.
4.        Ensure fan is turning the correct direction after connecting to power.

5.        It is recommended that all new filters be coated with precoat dust prior to putting into service.

6.        If operating this equipment using a generator, check with the generator provider to ensure proper sizing.
                We recommend at least a 45 KW generator for this piece of equipment.

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