PD 2100-D Skid mounted Vacuum System

Manufacturer:  SAFE Systems, Inc.
Fuel storage
Fuel consumption
Filters required
Filters required
8’-6” (Shipping position)
12’-5” (Working position)
6,500 lbs. (New filters and completely empty of dust)
100 (continuous)
40 (Gallons)
5.15 (Gallons per hour)
4 (Vacuum dust collector)
1 (Safety filter)


           Skid mounted.
           Vacuum dust collector rises to working position to allow access for 55-gallon drum.
           Forklift pockets.
           Certified lifting eyes for handling with overhead crane.
           Diesel driven by a 100 HP John Deere engine with a PTO clutch.
           Direct drive from diesel PTO clutch to vacuum pump.
           Vacuum pump capable of 27” HG.
           2100 CFM free air.
           Four (4) VDC filters in the vacuum dust collector.
           Automatic reverse pulse cleaning system for VDC filters.
           One (1) safety filter to protect vacuum pump in case of filter failure in vacuum dust collector.
           4” vacuum hose connection to vacuum dust collector
           12 VDC control box.
           Ύ” air supply required for pulse cleaning system.
           Exhaust silencer and bleed air silencer to reduce equipment noise.
           “On-board” lockable toolbox.

1.      Abrasive should not be vacuumed directly into the vacuum dust collector.
2.      Equipment is designed to be used in conjunction with a vacuum collection tank/hopper.
3.      Not designed to vacuum wet materials.
4.      Vacuum dust collector should be emptied every 2 hours.
5.      The butterfly valve on the dust discharge of the vacuum dust collector must be completely closed during vacuum operations to avoid damage to the valve and/or the dust collector cone.

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