MPD-6, Portable Blast Machine

Length 14'-9"
Width 7'-8"
Height 10'-8"
Weight 4,480 lbs. (Completely Empty)
Pintle hitch height 24" (to bottom of pintle eye)
Electrical requirements 12 VDC or 120 VAC
Air requirements 330 cfm @ 125 psig per 1/2" blast nozzle

           Capacity, 6 tons of abrasive (measured @ 100 lbs/ ft³).
           Four (4) blast outlets w/ metering/blowdown valves
           150 PSIG rated pressure vessel (ASME certified)
           Rupture disc protection from over-pressurization
           Licensed, highway legal trailer
           Hydraulic surge brakes
           12 VDC or 120/24 VAC control box available
           1-1/2” air piping
           2” air inlet
           2” air exhaust
           Exterior ladder and cat walk for access to top of vessel
           Certified lifting eyes for handling with overhead crane
           Air requirements, 330 CFM at 125 PSIG per ½” blast nozzle
           16" hinged manway is equipped with safety pressure alert system
           Four (4) Dual function deadman switches with 200' cords provided for blast & blowdown

1.      Not intended to be towed at highway speeds when the vessel is over ½ full of abrasive.
2.      Tow vehicle must be of sufficient size and weight to safely and legally tow the blast machine.
3.      Tow vehicle must be equipped with a pintle style hitch and proper towing light connections.
4.      Customer to provide matching plug and receptacle for the tow lighting.
5.      A $250.00 charge will be assessed to the renter for each deadman switch and cord not returned
complete and in repairable condition.

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