DC 1,500-E, Caster Mounted Dust Collector


Length                                      30
Width                                       3-4
Height                                      5-10 

Weight                                                 (New filters and dust hopper completely empty of dust)
Horsepower                              3
Voltage                                     480 VAC, 3 phase
Full load Amps                          5

            Caster mounted.
            Forklift pockets.
            Fan and dust collector rated for 1,500 CFM @ 8 W.C.
            Two (2) dust inlets, 6 diameter, only one to be used at a time
            Air requirements for pulse cleaning system, 20 CFM @ 90 to 100 PSIG.
            Fan is direct driven by a 3 HP, 480-volt, 3-phase electric motor.
            480 volt AC, 3 phase controls for fan motor.
            Dust discharges into removable dust box.
            25 of properly sized SO cord for electrical hook-up.
            Envelope style filters


     1.      Not intended to be shipped with any dust in the dust box.
2.      Recommend emptying dust every 2 to 4 hours depending on collection rate.
3.      It is recommended that a qualified electrician connect this equipment to power.
4.      Insure fan is turning the correct direction after connecting to power.

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