DC 14,000-D, Diesel Portable Dust Collector

Manufacturer:  SAFE Systems, Inc.
Empty Weight
Outfitted Weight          Pintle hitch height
Horse Power
Fuel Storage
Fuel Consumption
9,900 lbs. (No Filters, Hopper Empty and no fuel)
11,650 lbs. (New Filters, Hopper Empty, Fuel Tank Full) 22" to 26"
100 (Gallons)
3.4 gallons per hour

           Licensed, highway legal trailer.
           Dual 7,000 lb axles.
           Electric brakes.
           Fan and dust collector rated for 14,000 CFM @ 20” W.C.
           Four (4) dust inlets, 18” diameter, only two (2) to be used at one time.
           Automatic reverse pulse cleaning system for filters.
           ¾” air piping for pulse cleaning system.
           Air requirements for pulse cleaning system, 30 CFM @ 90 to 100 PSIG.
           Driven by a 50 HP John Deere engine with PTO clutch.
           12 VDC control box.
           100 gallon diesel fuel tank.
           Eighteen (18) cartridge filters , part #1000 0300
           “On-board” flexible duct hose storage (up to 150 feet).
           Adjustable inlet damper on the fan for regulating the airflow.
           Secure (lockable) engine and fuel tank compartment.
           Ratchet take-up for easy belt tensioning.
           Dual speed hand crank for auger to remove dust from collection hopper.
           Dust discharges in standard 55 gallon drum (drum supplied by customer).
           “On-board” lockable toolbox.

1.      Not intended to be towed with any dust in collection hopper.
2.      Recommend emptying dust every 2 to 4 hours depending on collection rate.
3.      It is recommended that all new filters be coated with precoat dust prior to putting into service.
4.      Tow vehicle must be of sufficient size and weight to safely and legally tow the machine.
5.      Tow vehicle must be equipped with a pintle style hitch.
6.      Tow vehicle must be wired for towing. (Customer to provide matching plug and receptacle for the tow lighting.)

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